If you love a great restaurant and wine bar and you're planning to travel in the Lodi, when we suggest that you simply must check out Vinology. This is a winner among winners. We're talking about some of the most exquisite food in this area and beyond! Though the prices do reflect that, we find that they're not out of the question for this level of quality, and you receive every bit of flavor and quality that you pay for. They are known for their sauteed calamari, which is a dish that you simply won't be able to resist. Oh, the flavor! The wine flights are another thing that pops into your mind immediately when you recall the good times that you have had here. What's that? Did you say that you haven't had the pleasure of visiting this one just yet? Then it's about time that you do, and Ann Arbor Party Buses would be more than happy to take you there. Great for groups, especially those who are dressed to the nines and looking damn fine! This Lodi Township area favorite can be found over in Ann Arbor at 110 South Main, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 and if needed you can always call them for further information or reservations at (734) 222-9841.

Ashley's Pub

The Ann Arbor Party Buses crew has recommended Ashley's to our patrons a time or two in the past, and that's to say the least! We absolutely adore this spot on a personal level and that's why we feel so comfortable recommending it to you. We can't even count the number of times that we have visited this oasis of beer and whisky, putting notches in our world beer tour or world whisky tour card and earning points toward their exciting rewards. Of course, the real reward is in the beer and whisky tasting itself and just working your way through that list of global perfection. If we're not mistaken, they've got something like 200 beers for you to discover here. And the menu isn't exactly what we'd call a short list either! Steamed mussels, steak and shrimp, sandwiches and burgers, appetizers and entrees. They've got it all! And it's all really delicious, hearty pub style food. The hipster dive bar ambiance is just too perfect to even be described. Very, very, very highly recommended to you! This beloved spot in Lodi Township is located in Downtown Ann Arbor at 338 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 and you can reach them at phone number (734) 996-9191.

Old Town

Finally, we've got to recommend Old Town, which is known as a must-visit and a go-to in the Lodi area. The locals love Old Town because they know they can rely on this one any time and our chauffeurs are always happy to take them there. Our favorite thing to do is just sit down and order a nice Black and Tan to start things off. It's the perfect drink for the atmosphere and it just gets everything off on the right foot. The prices for everything are reasonable and you can down a few pints without having to spend an arm and a leg to do so. We like that they've always got a few craft brews on tap. The burgers and nachos are probably our favorite things on the menu, but trust us when we say that every single thing is good. Dinner and late night are the best times to come out and check this one out. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the best nights for specials at Old Town, if you were wondering. Or, of course, anytime that they have live music! TVs for sports, great for groups, what more can we say? They've got it all! This Lodi fave is found at 122 West Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 and is reachable by phone at (734) 662-9291.

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