We arrange our pricing structure in order to save you money!

There are companies out there who will unfortunately take you for all you're worth when it comes to charging you for Ann Arbor limousine service. All of these unsavory organizations are simply there to make a quick buck. They don't take your needs into account, and certainly don't work as hard as we do to insure your complete and utter satisfaction. To insure that you get the most value out of your transportation, we here at Ann Arbor Party Bus arrange our pricing to be on a scale that is determined by factors which tend to be outside of our control. Factors such as demand, fuel prices, day of the week, and time of the year all dictate our costs, and thus what we have to charge you. Our goal is to be fair, and provide you with outstanding product and service. Having a flexible pricing schedule allows us to adjust prices to match the outside factors, and always gives us the ability to bring you the best possible price based on those conditions.

If budget is a strong concern of yours, it is always best to call early and plan ahead!

If your budget is tight, which these days it is for a good many folks... The single best favor you can do for your group, is to call for your Ann Arbor limo busreservation as early as possible. Doing so allows us to provide more options to you. It also helps a great deal if you are able to provide flexibility with regards to the days you are willing to run. The highest priced days are generally Fridays and Saturdays, simply based on the very high demand for our services on these days. Some seasons of the year also see higher demand and thus higher pricing. So, in the end, if you are able to provide flexibility for which days you are willing to run, you can save a great deal by avoiding the highest demand times and seasons.

Information we need for accurate quotes:

To give you the most accurate pricing, we'll need the following information: Date of event, time and location of pick up, time and location of drop off, and the number of guests you'll be transporting. With this information we can find you the best vehicle at the best price!

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